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Edmonton’s Solution for Auto Body Panel Rust Removal is POR-15

Remove rust from your car’s auto body panels in Edmonton with POR-15. POR-15® products are designed to work as a complete system – clean and de-grease, neutralize rust, etch metal, apply rust preventative coating, and apply topcoat. When used together, the products provide a coating that not only stops rust but prevents it from returning. For more info, check out their website.

Importance of Rust Prevention

Losing an investment you made on your vehicle due to rust is extremely unfortunate. Road salt is the most common reason for having unsightly rust on your automobile. However, without road salt, the roads wouldn’t be safe; roads would essentially be filled with snow and ice, causing vehicles to slip and slide.

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How Does It Happen?

The body of your vehicle is made from iron and rust is iron oxide. When iron is combined with oxygen and water, you have the perfect combination for rust. Pure water alone is not the best electrolyte. However, since salt is used in snowy areas, the water turns salty. When the saltwater hits your vehicle and buries in the nicks and cracks that have occurred from normal driving, there’s a good chance of rusting.

New vehicles are not void of rust either. Although new vehicles are made with some type of corrosion-resistant materials, including a layer of clear coat paint that creates a barrier between the salt and metal of your vehicle, this is often not enough. Natural wear and tear over the years can also cause rusting. This means that no vehicles are 100 percent safe from rusting without proper protection.

Under Carriage Takes a Beating

The underside takes the hardest beating among all parts of your vehicle. The bottom of your vehicle is exposed to various elements including mud, snow, construction, and debris. With an asphalt-based undercoating that is meant to last, your vehicle could be protected as this acts as a barrier and prevents your vehicle from rusting.

Inspect Your Vehicle for Damage

A minor scratch might not seem like a big deal to you, but in a few months, it could turn into a rust spot and eventually take over a larger area of your vehicle. If there are any scratches on your vehicle, have them touched up right away.


Make sure your vehicle is regularly washed and inspected. In addition, providing an extra layer of protection by using rust-prevention products will ensure your vehicle is protected.

Protect Your Car’s Auto Body Panels Around Edmonton with Rust Check®

Rust Check® has been used since 1973 as a protectant for vehicle body panels. The highly refined mineral oils in Rust Check® allow it to stop corrosion between metals. It also features active chemicals that allow it to be applied in a highly concentrated mist that can penetrate even the smallest cracks and seams.


Protect your car or truck’s auto body panels around Edmonton from rust with an easy application of Rust Check®.  

AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd. has it in stock, so stop by today.

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Benefits of Rust Proofing

Vehicle protection 

It is advisable to rust proof your vehicle at least once a year, in the autumn. For better protection, you could also have rust proofing done in the fall, and again in the spring.

Longer life 

Rust proofing ensures your investment lasts longer with consistent rust proofing efforts.

Preserves value 

A well-maintained vehicle is more valuable than a rusted car to a potential buyer.

Minimizing repair costs 

The rust, if undetected, could spread to the electrical systems and brakes, making your vehicle unsafe to operate.


Rust can compromise the integrity of your vehicle’s structure. High levels of corrosion can make it unsafe for you and your passengers.

Bedliners Supplies and Accessories

We offer two kinds of Bedliners at AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd. These include:

Rust Check® Proofing Service Centres

If you need assistance with applying Rust Check®, you can visit one of the following service centres:

Edmonton Frame and Suspension Ltd.

15314 Yellowhead Trail NW, Edmonton, T5V 1A1

JRS Auto Detailing

587-612-5100 (Edm)

587-817-6263 (Sherwood Park)
15107 117 Ave NW,

Edmonton, T5M 3V7

Lee Jay Auto Body Ltd.

12930 - 156 Street NW, Edmonton, T5V 1E9

Reflections Auto Body Ltd.


5365 - 93 Street NW,

Edmonton T6E 5R4

Metro Auto Center


13310 - 126 Avenue NW, Edmonton, T5L 3E1

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