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PPG’s Vibrance Collection

The offerings from the Vibrance Collection® are meticulously created to blend seamlessly with all of our finest quality solvent- and waterborne topcoat systems. When you stick with one paint system - from primer to topcoat - you can enjoy outstanding durability without losing those eye-catching colours and stunning effects. Don’t be afraid to show your personality with this collection of dazzling colours and effects.

Let your vehicle stand out from the pack with a fresh finish from the Vibrance Collection®. Whether you’re looking for a subtle and understated custom colour for your street rod or a wilder look on your motorcycle, AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd. In Edmonton has the paints and finishes from PPG’s Vibrance Collection® to satisfy any need.

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Crystallance® Glass Flakes

Try one of six unique pigments that create bright finishes with intense dazzle and flash.

Flamboyance® Tri-Coat Effects

Choose one of the six colours for an extensive range of basecoat and tri‐coat custom color inventions.

Prizmatique® Multicolor Flakes

This special effect pigment creates a rainbow of colour that dazzles thanks to special multicolored flakes.

Starfire™ Shimmering Effect Pigments

Special coloured aluminum pigments that can be used with DELTRON® DBC 2000 and GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM® BC Basecoats for a basecoat color capability enhancement.

Ditzler® Big Flake™ Bold Metal Flake Colors

Nine bold metal flake colors and 4 colour-shining versions for an extensive range of basecoat and tri‐coat custom colour inventions.

Murano™ Pearls

Enjoy the flexibility of intermixing these pigments with your current basecoat colour or use them in a mid-coat such as VWM500 or DBC500, or under a candy layer such as DMX RADIANCE® II Dyes to create one‐of‐a‐kind colors.

Alsa Corporation

Find a large selection of exotic finishes and auto paint in Edmonton from The Alsa Corporation that’s offered by AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd.

Ghost Chrome® offers a truly solid metal look. Its ultra-fine metallic content gives an incredibly realistic aluminum shine to almost any surface.

Finally a paint that sticks to the surface of chrome! Tint your chrome any colour by using Clear 4 Chrome with candy concentrates. It is also available as a clear for tinting.

Using Crazer, you can achieve a variety of special effects from marble to brushed finishes, even spectacular wood looks.

SpectraFX is the most dramatic colour-changing flake on earth. It is an additive available as a powder in either small or large flake sizes. It can also be used for silk screening, powder coating and even injection moulding.

MirraChrome is a sprayable paint with 95% of the reflectivity displayed by real chrome. It is the most reflective paint available, and it can be applied easily for a mirror-like finish.

This crystallizing mask can be applied quickly and with no prep, achieving crystallization in only a few minutes!

Eclipse is a heat reactive paint that can be used to give your vehicle a finish that changes either from black to white or from blue to white.


This affordable colour-shifting paint has a metallic finish, and flops more than most other paints on the market.

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