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The Preferred Automotive Paint & Refinishing Products Around Edmonton

At AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd., we offer a wide variety of expert automotive paint and refinishing products around Edmonton, including PPG® paints that help give your vehicle a solid, even finish that will stand up to years on the road.

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Envirobase® High Performance waterborne basecoat is a highly effective paint system that meets OEM approvals and offers maximum throughput.

By offering this product, our team can provide accurate colour matching, smooth colour blending and a pristine finish.

The Vibrance Collection® gives you the latest colours, micas, pigments, and special effects to brighten your projects and dazzle your friends. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

Custom Colour Aerosols

We offer custom mix spray cans and touch-up bottles.

PPG Commercial Industrial Refinish

At AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd., we utilize Commercial Performance Coatings from PPG®, which act as tough coatings ideal for manufacturing applications. Items within this product line include alkyds and corrosion resistant epoxies, high-build primers, direct-to-metal polyurethane and high solids urethane.

The OMNI™ system provides wide flexibility with a choice of primers and clears. This system allows us to give you the finish that you are looking for.

With the OneChoice® products from PPG®, AMP Auto Body Panels Ltd. can take care of different issues and custom requests in relation to your vehicle’s paint and finish. We offer:


Speciality products

  • Corrosion-resistant undercoats

  • Trim coatings

  • Universal matting agent

  • Brush-rollable primer


Undercoat systems

  • Etching fillers

  • Primers

  • Sealers

  • Plastic repair finishes

Delfleet Essential®

Delfleet Essential® is a polyurethane primer and paint system with high solids that provides an excellent finish. This system is recommended to use for refurbished equipment, fleet maintenance vehicles and complete painting jobs.

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